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ESPN Producer Michelle Rosenhouse Makes the Most of Memorable Moments

When Michelle Rosenhouse produces studio programming for ESPN, SEC Network and ESPN+, she knows anything can happen. From cornhole world records to WWE reenactments, the eight-year ESPN veteran is ready for just about anything.

Rosenhouse’s portfolio is unique, as her day-to-day production responsibilities span multiple properties, including college football, the NFL and now, women’s college basketball, as 2023 has been the former collegiate golfer’s first foray into working directly on women’s sports at ESPN.

The Monmouth alumna began as a production assistant and worked her way up the ranks to now serve as a producer for Sunday NFL Primetime on ESPN+, ESPN’s NFL Live and SEC Nation on SEC Network. Rosenhouse’s latest opportunity is producing the trio of College GameDay Covered by State Farm shows centered around ESPN’s premier women’s basketball franchise, with the final stop set for the SEC Women’s Basketball Championship.

Rosenhouse reflected on her years at ESPN thus far and shared a handful of on-air moments that have stood out along her way to Championship Sunday.

The second CGD show this year was incredibly special for all of us, as we were given the opportunity to share the story of a young cancer patient, Harper Stribe – who went through cancer treatments at five years old and has since relapsed. Harper already has a close relationship with Iowa’s team, and we were able to give her whole family a day, an entrance, and a moment that they will hopefully never forget. I know I won’t.

Iowa superfan Harper Stribe & family with Rosenhouse and ESPN associate director Brooke Robinson (Credit: Michelle Rosenhouse / ESPN)
First pic: Jeff Darlington and Rosenhouse; Second pic: Travis Kelce and Darlington (Credit: Michelle Rosenhouse / ESPN)

NFL Primetime is so different than anything else I do. Working with the best to ever do it, no commercial breaks, it’s always an adrenaline rush. I was one of the field producers gathering post-game sound for Super Bowl LIV and walked (read: I ran) around with Jeff Darlington after the Chiefs beat the 49ers in Miami, securing an interview with Travis Kelce.

My first road show as a producer with NFL Live was our NFL Draft Preview Special in Las Vegas in 2022. We got to really teach viewers about every prospect and preview the night ahead.

L to R: Laura Rutledge, Ryan Clark, Marcus Spears, Mina Kimes, Dan Orlovsky (Credit: Al Powers / ESPN Images)

SEC Nation at LSU was a super special show for me because I got to combine my NFL Live and SEC Nation families. Marcus Spears and Ryan Clark joined us for the show and had an epic entrance which took almost 3 minutes alone but was WELL worth it.

After an extremely long week preparing multiple pre-game shows, halftimes and post-games, the CFP semifinal was close throughout and we were preparing in the truck for it to be our last show together. Georgia won as the clock struck midnight on NYE, and you really can’t script it any better than that. The truck went absolutely wild, and we got to do a few more shows together!

L to R: Roman Harper, Tim Tebow, Laura Rutledge, Rosenhouse, Jordan Rodgers (Credit: Michelle Rosenhouse / ESPN)
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