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BET It’s Delicious: Tyler Fulghum Takes Bucci, ESPN’s The Point, To Flavortown With His Chicken Parm Recipe

After hosting ESPN BET Live Thursday afternoon, chef Fulghum whipped up John Buccigross' favorite in ESPN's Café and served the crispy dish - and NHL betting tips - on The Point a few hours later. Here's how he made it

Piping hot servings of crispy chicken parmesan served fresh from ESPN’s Cafe to The Point’s commentators has been a signature ending for the NHL show since its October 2021 debut.

Thursday night, however, Tyler Fulghum provided a twist for The Point’s host John Buccigross and analyst A.J. Mleczko. He presented the staple entrees, which he had made from scratch using more than two dozen ingredients in the cafe’s kitchen just hours before (see his recipe below).

“John Buccigross is a huge chicken parm fan, so I thought I would try and test him with my version, which is a recipe I came up with all on my own,” Fulghum said. “I fooled around with chicken parmesan in my kitchen and I think I have just the right recipe for Bucci and the gang on The Point.”

The meals put the exclamation point on a day in which Fulghum talked NHL wagering prospects and more as host of ESPN BET Live, then pounded, seasoned, fried, and baked chicken thighs for 90 minutes, and ultimately provided more hockey betting insights with Buccigross on The Point shortly before the plates were taxied onto the set.

In the video above, watch Fulghum’s preparation of the dishes and the reaction from Mleczko and Buccigross, who regularly reviews his favorite meal on The Point, social media platforms, and while on assignment in NHL arenas.

Fulghum, who joined ESPN in August 2020, is a renowned chef. Last year, he competed in Food Network’s “Guy’s Grocery Games: Flavortown Academy.” In the five-episode series, he was one of seven “home cooks” competing against each other while learning from culinary experts such as host Guy Fieri.

Today, April 19, is regarded as “National Chicken Parm Day,” a celebration started by restaurant chain Romano’s Macaroni Grill to commemorate its birthday.

Thursday’s celebration of the dish coincided with the end of the NHL’s 2023-24 regular season and the beginning of the Stanley Cup Playoff coverage on ESPN and ESPN2 on Sunday, April 21.

In June, the Stanley Cup Final will return to ESPN and ABC networks.

The Point’s next episode airs Sunday at noon ET on ESPN and ESPN+. ESPN BET Live’s next episode is tonight on ESPN 2 and ESPN+ at 6. coverage

Spencer T. Jackson and Christine B. Calgano produced the video above. Andrea Dicristoforo and John Manzo contributed to the post.

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