Behind The Scenes

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT

10:46 AM EDT – ESPN Shuttle Bus

Making the campus rounds at buildings 12 and 13 bus stop.

10:32 AM EDT – ESPN 3D

ESPN 3D glasses on display for employees and visitors at Cafe. Coming soon, ESPN Front Row 3D?

10:27 AM EDT – Tape Library

Long-time ESPNer Phil Kulas organizing tapes at library.

10:18 AM EDT – Tape Library

Not quite the Library of Congress, but at 70,000 square feet, it’s massive.

10:15 AM EDT – Charlotte, NC – ESPNU Final Four Prep

Director James Reed addresses the crew from the set of Studio 2.

10:08 AM EDT – Los Angeles, CA – X Games Warehouse

The X Games Warehouse is the year-round staging, shipping and receiving headquarters for Global X Events & Development. Anthony Belenardo and Norman Barajas load a Moto X bike into a crate that will be shipped to Shanghai, China for KIA X Games Asia.

10:01 AM EDT – Creative Services Idea Meeting

Discussing ways to service the company creatively and artistically.

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