Behind The Scenes

4:00 PM-5:00 PM EDT

4:05 PM EDT – Lake Buena VIsta, Fla.: ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

A girls lacrosse team visits the facility for Disney Spring Training.

4:05 PM EDT – Lake Buena Vista, Fla.: ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

Gaines Johnson works on the First and Ten technology for spring football in the ESPN Innovation Mobile Lab.

4:03 PM EST – St. Louis: Ready For The First Pitch

Reporter Pedro Gomez interviews St. Louis Cardinal pitcher Chris Carpenter in preparation for a Thursday ESPN telecast.

4:01 PM EDT – Seattle: Digital Pose

John Dorsey and Gary Cooper are having a fake work discussion to highlight the office view of the Puget Sound.

4:15 PM EDT – North Campus: Putting The Pieces Together

Joe Guarnieri, Manager of Mobile facilities in Event Operations Department,  oversees the procurement and booking for all mobile units and generators for all of the remote events airing on ESPN networks.

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