Behind The Scenes

5:00PM – 6:00 PM EDT

5:00 PM EDT New York: Alphabet Street

A cabbie coasts in front of the ABC building where the ESPN office is on West 66th Street.

5:02 PM EDT Building Dreams

A welder works on construction of the ESPN child care center opening in September.

5:05 PM EDT Thanks For Your Purchase

Another sale completed at the Bristol-campus ESPN Store.

5:07 PM EDT Starting Lineup

The rundown sheet for ESPN’s Baseball Tonight.

5:07 PM EDT Los Angeles: Thank You For Being A Friend

Mick Kelleher coordinates the Facebook page for X Games. He boasts 1.7 million friends.

5:09 PM EDT Long Island, N.Y. : Monitoring The Situation

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter reports from his home office.

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