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ESPN 2024 NFL Draft Presentation Salutes Chris Mortensen

Before the draft began from Detroit on Thursday, ESPN's NFL production team remembered Mortensen, an award-winning ESPN reporter who passed away in March

Before the 2024 NFL Draft officially began Thursday night from downtown Detroit, ESPN remembered the late Chris Mortensen, the legendary ESPN NFL reporter, with a special segment (watch the video above).

Mortensen died March 3 at the age of 72.

“Mort was a staple at NFL tentpole events for decades, with the NFL Draft always his personal favorite,” said ESPN Vice President and Executive Producer, Seth Markman. “As Mel [Kiper] said, Mort would have shied away from the attention, but it was appropriate and meaningful to dedicate a few minutes to recognize what he meant to us and the event. We will always miss our friend and colleague but his legacy will continue to live on.”

Mortensen joined ESPN in 1991 and was a regular contributor to the network’s NFL shows and SportsCenter. His many NFL exclusives included the news in 2016 that quarterback Peyton Manning was retiring from the NFL.

Derek Volner contributed to this post

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