Behind The Scenes

7:00PM – 8:00PM EDT

7:48 EDT – Bristol Settles into Evening

7:01 EDT Los Angeles: Ready For Your Close-Up

Director Jim Hannemann going over lighting for “the Next Round”.

7:02 EDT A Man Walks Into The ESPN Cafe

A member of the troupe Sea Tea Improv performs for employees on the Bristol campus.

7:03 EDT Mail Bonding

Mailroom employees (l-r) Marc DiFrancesco, Luke Milczek and Dwight Williams put a stamp on the end of their day.

7:07 EDT And In This Corner

Brian Arnold, production assistant trainee, punishes the bag in the Health And Fitness Center.

7:10 EDT Field Of Green

Staffers prepare for Virtual K Zone segment on Baseball Tonight.

7:02 EDT Hoop Dreams

The outdoor basketball court behind the ESPN Cafe is home to an employee showdown in the Final Four minutes of daylight.

7:15 EDT Dusk In The Wind

The sun begins to set on the Bristol campus.

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