Behind The Scenes

Schaap vs. The Great Throwdini

When the producers of E:60 recruited reporter Jeremy Schaap to help them on a 3D assignment, they didn’t get straight to the point, he says.

“It was a bit of a bait-and-switch on the way to the shoot. It was suggested to me that I would merely be throwing to a story about the Great Throwdini, not that I would be thrown at by the Great Throwdini.”

Schaap survived the experience on the spinning “Wheel Of Death,” filming E:60’s first feature recorded in 3D. He had limited rehearsal time with Throwdini, a professional knife thrower and frequent ESPN First Take guest.

Describing Throwdini’s instruments as knives “doesn’t do it justice. They’re really like giant, X-ACTO razors,” said Schaap, who said that the stunt was finished in one take.

“The good thing is, if they do get ya, it’s going to be a clean cut.”

Check out the behind-the-scenes video for more on Schaap’s “Wheel Of Death” story to be seen on the April 12 season premiere of E:60.

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