Welcome (again) to Front Row

What day is today? It feels like it’s Thursday, but already the days are beginning to blend.

Thanks to marathon efforts on several fronts, including publishing the day-long photo blog A Day In The Life on Wednesday, ESPN Front Row is up and running. What are we running, exactly?

Glad you asked. On Tuesday night — before we went “live” — we published a small sample of the types of features we hope to present on this blog about ESPN employee life.

They include:

  • Going  behind the scenes to talk to Jeremy Schaap’s take on being a target for a professional knife-thrower;
  • SportsCenter anchor Robert Flores’ thoughts about interacting with fans on Twitter;
  • Our “night owls” reflecting on how they keep the network running in the wee hours

In the days ahead, you’ll meet ESPN employees who are doing everything from training for the Olympic Games to singing in nightclubs. You’ll go behind-the-scenes of events including The Masters and NBA playoffs. You’ll hear from several people working in business divisions who are far removed from the lights, camera and action but very vital.

And we think we’ll have one company executive participating in an X Games event very soon. Stay tuned.

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