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Welcome To “A Day In The Life”

ESPN Front Row kicks off its existence with “A Day In The Life” project, an ambitious plan to cover ESPN’s world in real-time still photography beginning at 12 a.m. Wednesday, March 30 and unfolding over the ensuing 24 hours.

There wasn’t a better way to start a blog that will offer a window into ESPN. Watch this space for the photos to start appearing around midnight.

We  hope you enjoy these visions of ESPN’s employees at work all around the world.

11:58 PM EDT The Final Wave

Senior manager/multimedia Rich Arden completes our marathon “A Day In The Life” project.


10:02 PM EDT Los Angeles: Steady As He Goes

Steadicam operator Anthony Violanto prepares to film Nacion.


9:15 PM EDT Charlotte, N.C.: Waiting At The Gate

Steadicam Operator Erik Barone checks out the progress of “A Day In The Life” while waiting for his flight back to CT. He spent the day shooting at the ESPNU studios.


8:17 PM EDT – Los Angeles: Face The Nación

Nación Anchor Adrianna Monsalve in the makeup room sharing a laugh with makeup artist Linda Sammut


7:48 EDT – Bristol Settles into Evening


6:05:10 PM EDT: Putting the Pieces Together


5:02 PM EDT Building Dreams

A welder works on construction of the ESPN child care center opening in September.


4:05 PM EDT – Lake Buena Vista, Fla.: ESPN Wide World of Sports

Gaines Johnson works on the FIrst & 10 technology for spring football in the ESPN Innovation Mobile Lab.


3:00 PM EDT – Hello, hello? Is anybody out there?

Marco Poulin, transmission specialist, works from a lift to align a Torus satellite feed assembly to ensure optimal signal reception from one of the 47 satellites that transmission utilizes to ingest program content. The Torus antenna itself is capable of receiving signals from up to 35 satellites simultaneously, from a fixed position.

2:09 Favorite Olympic Sport?  Curling

Anchor Mike Hill grabs the curling iron in make-up room to prepare Michelle Beadle for SportsNation


1:21 PM EDT —  Cricket, anyone? employees watching the ICC Cricket World Cup in Diego Montenegro’s office.


12:14 PM EDT – Beisbol Esta Noche


11:14 AM EDT – The London Office

Miranda Groenewegen and Hayley Linstead from the Chiswick ESPN Production office in London.


10:08 AM EDT – Los Angeles, CA – X Games Warehouse

The X Games Warehouse is the year-round staging, shipping and receiving headquarters for Global X Events & Development. Anthony Belenardo and Norman Barajas load a Moto X bike into a crate that will be shipped to Shanghai, China for KIA X Games Asia.


9:12 AM EDT – C-Rich The Dribbler in Green Room

You can see Rich dribble on First Take this morning.


8:36 AM EDT – Hannah Storm

Grabbing a bite to eat as she hustles off to Studio F to host morning SportsCenter.


7:22 AM EDT – HQ


6:01 AM EDT – Mike & Mike in the Morning, Shell Houston Open, TX


5:18 AM EDT – Commentator Office Area


4:06 AM EDT – Window Maintenence


3:03 AM EDT – Master Control


2:09 AM EDT – Labeling HD Clip Reels

Matt M. labels HD Production clip reels


1:01 AM EDT – Bristol, CT

ESPN America now broadcasts their own edition of ESPN’s flagship show SportsCenter to their viewers across Europe and the Middle East.


12:01 AM EDT – Bristol, CT

ESPN Global Security Specialist Arthur F. greets senior manager/multimedia Rich Arden at the Bristol campus’ North Gate.

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