Welcome To ESPN Front Row

Thanks for discovering ESPN Front Row.

If you’re reading this at any time before 12 a.m. Wednesday, March 30, you’ve peeked behind the curtain.

You’ve discovered ESPN Front Row before our official unveiling at that time with our “Day In The Life” project, an ambitious 24-hour photo gallery look at how ESPN operates around the world.

We’re glad that you’re that curious. Stay that way. You’re why ESPN Front Row exists.

We’ll offer unprecedented access to ESPN’s decision-makers, storytellers, and other people key to the operation. Front Row will offer a window into ESPN. We’d like to install a retractable roof, but with our budget a window is a start.

Still, consider Front Row the closest thing yet to a backstage pass.

I left a great job with ESPN.com’s NFL editing team because I love the concept behind  Front Row, which is a creation of our company’s public relations arm. I work with fascinating people who work for this company in all capacities, all important to helping us cover the sporting world.

If you’re curious about our people, you’ve come to the right place.

You’re early, but you’re more than welcome.

Sheldon Spencer, Editor, ESPN Front Row

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