Bump And Run: Danny Woodhead


How much wood would a Woodhead chuck if a Woodhead could chuck wood?

Yes, that’s the best Danny Woodhead joke I had. Give me credit: I didn’t reference his diminutive stature. I didn’t mention he’d be the last person you picked if I challenged you to pick the NFL player out of a crowd.

Everyone always assumes that ESPN is this place where mascots, athletes and celebrities roam the halls and everyone is more worried about their fantasy teams than the task at hand. The truth is that 99 percent of the time, ESPN is a like any office in any town.

It’s got rows of cube farms, conference calls and deadlines for the boss. However, that 1 percent of the equation: That’s the part of campus where you might bump into a mascot, athlete or celebrity at any given moment. People are worried about their fantasy teams. We are sports fans, after all.

I’m a Multimedia Producer for ESPN’s Communications department. So when these guests drop by, I usually am given the rough assignment of catching up with them to get their take on what it’s like for them to visit our campus. Until now, we’ve only shared these interviews with our employees on our internal Web site, ITK (In The Know). Yes, we have an ESPN Web site that’s for employees only, and it’s pretty cool, too. But as ESPN Front Row continues to bring you behind the scenes, we thought we’d share some of these with our fans as well.

First up is Danny Woodhead, New England Patriots running back. Think you could tackle him? Think again.

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