Getting that two-wheel feelin’ again

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A bright Bristol morning greeted me for ESPN’s Ride Your Bike to Work Day.  Some participated to be green, most to be fit. Me? I did it for the promised pancakes at the end of the road at the ESPN Café. 

After 30 years of my short commute, it was time to take my pedal off the metal and pedal on the pavement.  My ride took me past a rifle range (Duck!), a lake (duck!) and an ESPN Goose. This was child’s play.

My new fit friend and organizer Shannon Piers told me over celebratory flapjacks that today launched a new monthly invitation for ESPN employees to ride in (note to colleagues: don’t send me the January reminder).   It took me 30 years to try it once, let’s see if I can do it again in 30 days.

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