Office Space: Lynn Hoppes

Where can you find an XBOX 360 and Microsoft Kinect, mini-golf course, a shrine to the Jonas Brothers, a P90x set, and a real WWE championship belt? The office of’s Page 2 senior editor, Lynn Hoppes.

Cubicles dominate the majority of the floor where editors work in Bristol. Many senior staffers have offices with views of ESPN’s campus.

If you peek into Hoppes’ corner office, you’ll typically find him interviewing some of the hottest celebrities in sports, music, TV and film.

ESPN Front Row dropped in on Hoppes after he visited with UFC star Brock Lesnar. We learned a few things about Hoppes’ vast collection — and news that he’s filmed a movie with Hugh Jackman. [Hoppes plays an ESPN reporter in the film “Real Steel” to be released this fall].

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