I Follow: Cindy Brunson

Editor’s Note: “I Follow” is all about ESPN employees on Twitter: what they Tweet, whom they follow and how you can interact socially with anyone and everyone.

Today, we highlight SportsCenter anchor Cindy Brunson, who offers her followers feeds on everything from her opinions on her favorite sports teams (the Mariners and Seahawks) to dream SportsCenter co-host. Brunson is a relative rookie to Twitter. Here’s an inside look at her Twitter profile.

Twitter Handle: @ESPNCindyB
Followers: * 4,793
Following: * 113
* Twitter numbers as of 5/10/11

FR: Who is your favorite person to follow on Twitter?

Brunson: I find new and interesting people to follow daily. At this very instant, I would have to go with @Darren Rovell. I am amazed how more dialed in and informed I am on a variety of things, particularly teams I care about. Twitter’s instant updates have changed the way I follow my favorite teams.

FR: Of all the celebrities and athletes, who would you most like to co-host a SportsCenter with?

Brunson: A dream co-host for SportsCenter would have to be Vince Vaughn. He’s hysterical, loves sports and he’s really tall so my passion for wearing sky high heels would not be an issue.

FR: You had one of the more creative ideas to gain Twitter followers by putting your Twitter handle on your shoes during First Take. What inspired the idea?

Brunson: As I mentioned, I love shoes so having the tie-in was an easy fit. The whole First Take crew played around with unique ideas to help me get my Twitter handle out there. They were really amazing to work with and it was awesome to be a part of such a fun and clever group!

FR: Who is the most exciting person who follows you on Twitter?

Brunson: Baseball Tonight analyst @Aaron Boone_ESPN. He only follows two people and I am one of them and that is pretty cool. I think the real reason for that is simply because Boonie just doesn’t really know how to work the Twitter app on his phone.

FR: What’s been your strangest exchange on Twitter (with fan or celebrity)?

Brunson: A Steelers fan asked me if it was OK if he followed me. I said sure, the more the merrier. After all he didn’t cost the Seahawks anything in Super Bowl XL, the referees did.

FR: You are relatively new to Twitter, do you plan on expanding your social networking skills (i.e. Tweeting more and getting a Facebook account)?

Brunson: Twitter is a blast. It’s really fun to feel so connected to well, everything. It’s how I first heard about the death of Osama bin Laden for example. The only experience I have with Facebook is the movie The Social Network. I think I’ll just keep baby-stepping my way and stick to Twitter for now.

FR: Most of your fans may not know that you are Sportscenter’s fashionista. Where are your favorite places to shop and what is your favorite article of clothing or accessory?

Brunson: Twitter allows me to follow Vogue, so that is cool. I have to admit, my online shopping at Nordstrom and Saks — aka my two favorite shopping venues — has taken a huge hit because I have been so hooked on Twitter. My favorite accessories include my Chanel handbag collection and a pair of Dior python heels.

FR: You are a huge fan of everything Seattle and Washington State University. Who’s your favorite athlete with ties to the Pacific Northwest?

Brunson: No way could I limit my choice to just one. One of my prized possessions is a personally autographed picture from Ken Griffey Jr. Hall of Famer Steve Largent hooked me as a Seahawks fan while I was in pigtails and my favorites list would be not be complete without NBA Finals MVP Dennis Johnson, Jack Sikma and the NBA champion Seattle Supersonics.

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