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Today we highlight Pardon The Interruption co-host Michael Wilbon, who talks about joining the Twitterverse, Shaq’s influence, and what he looks for on Twitter. Wilbon recently announced his Twitter debut on ESPN.com

Twitter handle: @RealMikeWilbon
ESPN Job: Pardon the Interruption, Co-Host; NBA Studio Analyst; ESPN.com Columnist
Followers: 63,948*
Following: 38*

FR: Who are your favorite people to follow on Twitter?
Wilbon: I like Peter King of Sports Illustrated, John Hollinger, Darren Rovell, Jason Whitlock, Buster Olney, Shaq, Andy Roddick, Jay Glazer, Chris Broussard and Stuart Scott – mostly my friends.

FR: Why do you use Twitter?
Wilbon: So far I use Twitter to follow my colleagues for information. I am going to start adding non-sports folks this week. I want to follow people who offer insights and opinions in diverse areas.

FR: If you could get one person to follow you on Twitter, who would it be?
Wilbon: I hope President Obama, who’s a huge sports fan, will follow me. That’s the only responsible answer, right? Otherwise, I just start listing hot actresses who are into sports and I’m in trouble already!

FR: Have you had any contact with the PTI fan behind @MikeWilbonSaid and @MrTonySays?
Wilbon: I have communicated (via Twitter) with @MikeWilbonsaid and told him I hope he continues. First, he’s been so completely accurate on every level, with not only my words but with the context of those thoughts and words and for that I’m very grateful. I’ve never seen a mistake. Yes, I hope he keeps it up.

FR: You recently wrote that you weren’t interested in joining Twitter originally. What made you change your mind?
Wilbon: Shaquille O’Neal told me two years ago that the only way to remain relevant in media would be to communicate via Twitter. To be relevant, as Shaq said, you need to at least follow people via Twitter, not to mention engage the people you hope to have in your audience. Social media has become so important. It was the primary means of communicating this summer for those rebelling in northern Africa and the Middle East. To stay current, and remain relevant, using Twitter has become almost mandatory.

*As of 5/3/11

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