I Follow: Michelle Beadle

Editor’s Note: “I Follow” is all about ESPN employees on Twitter: what they Tweet, whom they follow and how you can interact socially with anyone and everyone.

Today we highlight SportsNation and Winner’s Bracket co-host Michelle Beadle.

Thursday, Beadle is slated to co-host Regis & Kelly.

She discusses her favorite Twitter experiences, SportsNation co-host Colin Cowherd and LeBron James.

Twitter Handle: @ESPN_Michelle
Followers: 290,084*
Following: 508*
* Twitter numbers as of 6/14/11

FR: Who is your favorite person to follow on Twitter?

Beadle: My favorite person to follow on Twitter varies day to day. I’m a big fan of the comedians Jim Norton, Whitney Cummings, although 99.9 percent of what they Tweet is not suitable for a retweet.

FR: Who is the most exciting person that follows you on Twitter?

Beadle: I think that Mike Tyson following me is kinda funny. And, of course,Prince James. I know LeBron is keeping a “list.” I wonder if I can be on it (unless they’ve both stopped following).

FR: You and your co-host Colin Cowherd have been on SportsNation for two years, what’s your favorite Colin moment?

Beadle: I’m not sure I can narrow down my favorite Colin moment to one. I do love his tendency to walk out on stage during our road shows and treat it like open mike night at a comedy club. Always good for a laugh. I’m a big fan of his work between segments. Again, not always suitable for air.

FR: You have almost 300,000 followers, is it safe to say your very popular on Twitter?

Beadle: I would not say I’m very popular, no. Trey Wingo and Jalen Rose are crushing me. I won’t stop until I get Kim Kardashian numbers. [Note: Kim Kardashian has 7.8 million followers]

FR: What has been the funniest thing you’ve tweeted (or retweeted)?

Beadle: I’ve slowed down on the retweets. Although some of the people on there are hilarious! As for my Tweets, they’re all very serious. Twitter is not to be messed with. I’m sorry to disappoint.

FR: What’s been your strangest exchange on Twitter (with fan or celebrity)?

Beadle: I enjoy having “discussions” with people on Twitter. I try to keep it thru DM to limit my timeline bombs. The NBA Finals have given me plenty of fodder for deep talks.

FR: You were a guest on The Late Show with David Letterman last year and you are scheduled to appear on Regis and Kelly on Thursday. What’s next, Dr. Oz?

Beadle: Dr. Oz? My parents would be proud. No, I’m thinking of loading up on Dramamine and taking on Deadliest Catch next.

FR: What are your favorite topics to Tweet about?

Beadle: While sports obviously play a part in some tweeting, I like to make fun of my mom and my dogs the most. All three are very quotable.

FR: One of your pets has a very interesting name? How did you come up with it?

Beadle: Leroy Jenkins came about as my adoration for the World of Warcraft video that is still one of the best on the ol’ interweb. The dude had chicken!

FR: What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen or heard on Twitter?

Beadle: Funniest thing I’ve seen is some dude who was Tweeting nudie pics of himself, unsolicited. Oh wait.

FR: What do you do for fun?

Beadle: For fun, I alternate between reading the works of Freud and watching horrible reality television. They truly go hand in hand.

FR: You’ve made your sentiments known about LeBron James. What would he have to do to get in your good graces?

Beadle: I’m Italian. There’s no going back 🙂

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