Schlereths’ Father’s Day extra special

Father Mark, son Daniel at Fenway Park.

Mark Schlereth has many interests.

The three-time Super Bowl champ is not only an NFL analyst for ESPN, he’s a sports radio host in Denver, an entrepreneur who has his own green chile company, and a part-time actor who appeared on Guiding Light.

He also served as a producer for a sitcom (based on his life) that was recently considered for pick-up by CBS.

Even with his many accomplishments, Schlereth is most proud of his family and what his kids have achieved. And that’s what makes this Father’s Day particularly meaningful.

This weekend, Schlereth’s son, Daniel, will return to Denver with the Detroit Tigers to play the Colorado Rockies in a three-game series.

It will be a homecoming for the Schlereths as Mark, his wife, Lisa, their two daughters and other family members and friends will be at Coors Field to cheer on Daniel.

“When we looked at the Tigers’ schedule before the season, we couldn’t believe Daniel would be playing here in Colorado on Father’s Day weekend,” said Schlereth.

“What are the chances? We’ve been looking forward to this for months, and we’ll have close to 20 people at the games, including my parents who are flying in from Alaska.”

The Schlereths also planned to have Daniel and his teammates over for dinner when they arrived Thursday night.

A relief pitcher for the Tigers, Daniel is in his third year in the majors, and his father tries to see him play every chance he gets.

In fact, Mark completed a rare triple when the Tigers played at historic Fenway Park in May.

“When Daniel was 12 years old, I told him I would never step in Wrigley Field, Yankee Stadium or Fenway until he played in them,” adds Schlereth.

“I have now seen him in all three parks since he’s been in the big leagues. It’s been an amazing experience.”

The promise meant so much to Daniel that he gave his dad a special plaque that now hangs on the wall in the Schlereths’ kitchen.

It includes a photo of father and son at Wrigley Field and a handwritten note that reads: Thanks dad. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

No wonder he’s such a proud father.

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