Waxing On The Car Wash: Fabolous

First Take analyst Jalen Rose (left) and rapper Fabolous.

Some guests have the chance to experience the ESPN “Car Wash” more than once.

Multiplatinum-selling rapper Fabolous took on the challenge in June 2010 and again on May 18, 2011.

Fabolous mentioned First Take analyst Skip Bayless in his song That’s Not Love in his recently released The S.O.U.L Tape mixtape.

This shoutout resulted after Fabolous created a rap about First Take and had the chance to meet Skip in 2010.

When First Take producers learned that Fabolous gave Skip street cred in a song, they invited the rapper to take part in a “1st-and-10″ debate segment last month.

So, the Talent Producers started the process for Fabolous to come in for the “Car Wash” again.

After a long night in a recording studio, Fabolous arrived at ESPN at 7:15 a.m. with a body guard, publicist Isha Reed and manager Cheo Green.

Fabolous and Jalen Rose — a “Fab 5” member himself — teamed for the First Take debate with Skip.

They should be proud of their efforts: The show recorded ESPN2’s highest rating for the day.

Skip said: “Fab was like a quiet assassin on 1st-and-10. Very knowledgeable, but soft-spoken until he saw his opening and came at me when I least expected it.

“The man was a worthy adversary and I look forward to giving him a chance to even the score.”

At lunch in ESPN’s Cafe’, that day’s First Take co-host Mike Hill and Rose joined us. Fabolous created his own barbeque chicken pizza as we talked about the Lakers, Knicks and Yankees — those are his go-to teams.

After lunch, we had about 10 minutes of down time. Fabolous tried to sneak in a little nap.

But he still had to make interviews with SportsCenter, ESPN.com’s Page 2, ESPNNewYork.com, SportsNation and espnW.

It was 3:45pm when Fab’s car rolled up to return New York.

Afterward, Fabolous said in an e-mail: “My ‘Car Wash’ experience was a great one. [I] met a lot of sports analysts who I’m a fan of and respect including.Skip Bayless, Jalen Rose, etc.

“But also was great because I’m such a big sports fan and to have an opportunity to be on ESPN all day was like a dream come true.

“I’ve watched all of these shows at home and enjoyed them and their aspects with sports and now I got to be a part of that. Even though the word “fabulous” was overly used that day, LOL. I have to say it was a fabulous experience for Fabolous.”

Fabolous is a celebrity national ambassador for the After-School All-Stars.

He is active in sports and a friend of First Take. I can see him stopping by the studio again for Round 3.

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