Waxing On The Car Wash: Ferrell


As a talent producer, I’ve been a part of the ESPN Car Wash for more than 7 years.

I’ve had the privilege to walk around with many athletes, musicians, movie stars, competitive eaters, even animals.

However, the strangest Car Wash I’ve ever been a part of was Will Ferrell’s.

This particular visit took place three years ago to promote his pro basketball comedy SemiPro.

The video above will help demonstrate why I consider Ferrell’s tour the strangest.

But there are other reasons.

The Car Wash then was unlike the Car Wash today.

In 2008, we might have had about 50 in house guests compared to 270 we welcomed in 2010.

I received a note earlier in the week that Will Ferrell was coming to ESPN and there was a need for a Talent Producer to escort Will around at ESPN.

I had only done 4 or 5 Car Washes to that point, but I volunteered without any hesitation.

Since I was still fairly new to walking guests around here at ESPN, I really wanted to make sure this went off without any issue.

Instead, I got a baptism by fire by one of the wildest guests I’ve ever met.

Normally when I’m walking around a celebrity or athlete, we go from one studio to the next and the guest will follow my lead.

But for Will’s visit, which he taped for ESPN’s Rome Is Burning, I was following his lead.

We would be headed toward ESPN Radio to do an interview, and Will would take a detour and head toward the newsroom.

Part of me was starting to get nervous that we might be late to an interview or miss a scheduled appearance, but thankfully the itinerary had some extra time built in for the detours we took.

I had a great experience that day with Will for what were easily three of the wildest hours I’ve spent at ESPN.

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