Week in Review


Every year around this time, it seems all signs point to Wimbledon.

Much thanks to Tristan O’Carroll from ESPN UK for providing the shots above, taken in the vicinity of the All England Lawn, Tennis and Croquet Club in London.

ESPN’s multi-platform coverage of Wimbledon begins Monday.

Next week, Front Row will supplement the tennis feast with some perspectives from England including one from an ESPN employee who competed in the Wimbledon juniors as a highly ranked American teen. Next week, she’s covering the event.

Also, look for a profile of basketball guru Chad Ford on the eve of the NBA draft, a recollection of how a WIll Ferrell “Car Wash” spins out of control, and much more.

Until then, we invite you to revisit all of this week’s posts on Front Row including:

* Rage Against The Machine star guitarist Tom Morello’s thoughts on his Baseball Tonight theme interpretation;

* ESPN college football analyst Ed Cunningham’s insights on his career as a movie producer;

* And Michelle Beadle — a recent co-host of Regis & Kelly — on interacting on Twitter.

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