‘Little Tricky’ knows no fear

LOS ANGELES — Strap in and go behind the scenes — and up and down the 83-foot MegaRamp — of X Games 17 with 14-year old skateboarding phenomenon Mitchie Brusco.

I accompanied Brusco at Big Air practice this week as he took us through his usual routine from one run to another.

He was my first choice to lead Front Row through the behind-the-scenes X Games tour captured in the video above.

He loves to have a good time. He never is at a loss for words. He is very energetic and passionate about skateboarding and X Games.

Nicknamed “Little Tricky,” Brusco started skateboarding when he was 3-years-old and he asked his parents for a skateboard.

Friday in the Big Air competition, he will make his pro debut and be the youngest competitor at X Games 17.

When he landed a 900 (that’s 2-1/2 rotations) during a recent MegaRamp event in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Brusco became only sixth person to pull that trick.

He’s only the second to ever land it off a MegaRamp.

Brusco joins skateboard legend Tony Hawk in that elite 900 Club.

Going atop the 83-foot Mega Ramp was an incredible experience for me.

Heading up the elevator, taking in the LA LIVE view and then walking to the ledge and looking down, I gained more appreciation for these athletes.

It’s hard to believe that these athletes mount their skateboards and go 40-plus miles per hour down the steep slope.

Watching Brusco fearlessly wave goodbye to my camera and roll down the ramp made me realize how much of an adrenaline rush athletes get in action sports.

I don’t know if I would be able to be so fearless; that’s maybe a little too high even for a daredevil like myself.

Brusco will compete in the Big Air Final on ESPN, ESPN3.com, and ESPN 3D from 9:30 p.m.-11 p.m. ET.

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