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SEC coaches get the ‘Wash’

One of my favorite things about ESPN is lunchtime.

Well, lunchtime is my favorite time no matter where I am, but at ESPN it can be quite the rush.

You never know who you might run into at the cafeteria. Yesterday, as I meandered through the aisles trying to decide between tacos or the limited time “ESPN FanWich,’ I caught a glimpse of a familiar lapel pin: the Power T, University of Tennessee’s logo.

The pin wasn’t attached to a face I recognized, but it was a reminder that familiar ones were bound to be around every corner with Southeastern Conference head coaches from Auburn, Florida, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, South Carolina and Tennessee descending upon ESPN for a CarWash like no other.

Six SEC coaches on Monday, six more on Tuesday.

For 48 hours the Mason-Dixon line might unofficially shift above Bristol, Conn., based on the sheer magnitude of the SEC coaching presence alone.

Front Row caught up with ESPN’s Erin Andrews and a few coaches on the set of College Football Live Monday.

(L to R) Will Muschamp, Dan Mullen, Gene Chizik, Steve Spurrier, Derek Dooley.
Missing from picture is Houston Nett who was not available at the time of this shoot.

Each took a seat next to in-season rivals and light-heartedly previewed their teams.

“It’s just like the commercials, ya know, but I’m still looking for the mascots,” said Tennessee’s Derek Dooley of his time running through the ESPN Car Wash.

You and me both, Coach.

But take my advice; your best bet is hanging out in the cafeteria.

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