Add ESPN’s Monday Night Football Schedule to your Google Calendar

Keeping track of which teams are playing each week on ESPN’s Monday Night Football just got a little bit easier for Google Calendar users.

If you’re part of that group, clicking the button below will automatically add the 2011 Monday Night Football schedule as a layer on your calendar. This layer can be toggled on and off and the schedule entries will contain links to more information about the game.

This is our first schedule that we’re releasing on a Google public calendar. Should we do more? Let us know in the attached interactive poll.



  • Matt

    Poll answer: Not if the schedule is going to show the games lasting one hour instead of three.

    • Good point. I just made the updates. Thanks for your feedback.

  • John

    Just added it to my calendar – looks great, exactly what I was hoping for. Can’t think of other broadcasts I’d want on the calendar, though…

  • Frank Rizzo

    Worked like a charm and the one-click load is awesome. Thank you.