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ESPN checks in with foursquare

Sports fans will notice something new this week when they check in at the game with foursquare.

Beginning today, ESPN will be powering foursquare’s new Events platform for sports related check-ins. For more about foursquare’s new Events platform, click here.

Users can follow ESPN on foursquare through its branded page at, featuring Tips left at sports venues around the world and the opportunity to unlock a branded “ESPN Foam Finger” badge for checking in.

Michael Cupo, Director of Business Development, Social Media, and Ben Shields, Director, Social Media, talk to Front Row about what fans can expect from today’s launch:

FR: How does this deal fit in with ESPN’s social media strategy?

MC: Serving sports fans is our goal at ESPN.  To me, there is nothing more logical that making the at-the-game experience better and more outwardly social.  The key to this relationship is the partnership of technology and content.  With foursquare, we will take another step toward being everywhere sports fans travel, check in and share.

FR: What more can we expect from ESPN in this new deal with foursquare beyond check-ins, tips and badging? 

BS: This is where foursquare’s new Events platform comes into play.  For the first time, people won’t just check in to venues like restaurants or stores — they’ll be able to check in to events they’re attending such as concerts, movies and games.  In the sports category, for example, fans can check in to the Patriots-Dolphins game on September 12th at Sun Life.

Stadium, instead of simply Sun Life Stadium.  Once checked in at a sporting event, fans will then receive ESPN content about the game — a preview, for instance — and there’ll be links to the ESPN mobile Web site for additional information and analysis.

That’s the essence of this new feature, and you can expect a wide variety of sporting events to check in to.  We’re especially excited for this because it helps make the live sports fan experience that much richer through foursquare’s unique platform and ESPN’s robust content.

FR: Where will your first check-in be now that the page has launched?

MC: Today, I’m happy to officially announce my mayoral campaign for Yankee Stadium.  Cupo 2012!

FR: What’s the best tip you can share from one of your favorite sports venues?

BS: If you’re at Northwestern’s Ryan Field in Evanston, Ill. indulge in a Chicago-style hot dog (or two) from Mustard’s Last Stand, a small shack on the southwest corner of the stadium’s parking lot.  You may make Coach Fitz proud.

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