Fast Break: Mateo Arias

The Little League World Series has provided fans with nonstop action, jam-packed stadiums, and a number of memorable moments.

One person who’s seen all of the action, crowds and moments is Mateo Arias. He’s the star of Disney XD’s Kickin It.

Mateo also is a reporter for this year’s Little League World Series and he took a few minutes from his busy schedule in Williamsport to “kick it” with Front Row about Little League baseball, following in his brother Moises footsteps, and how he’s enjoyed covering the games.

FR: How has the experience been for you so far?

MA: Oh my gosh. It’s super exciting. I can’t wait for the Championship game. My brother was a Little League World Series reporter a few years ago and he had a blast too and I knew I would. I’m really excited to be involved.

FR: Have you played Little League baseball? Do your friends?

MA: A little bit. I played T-ball but once players starting pitching, I got a little scared. I’m from the South though, so everybody plays baseball. It’s huge there. All my friends play, so this is a lot of fun for me.

FR: Have you enjoyed your interaction with the players?

MA: Well, I get along with everyone and especially with kids so that’s been a lot of fun. I love talking to them and seeing how they prepare and how they see the game.

FR: Do you have a favorite baseball team?

MA: I’m from Atlanta, so the Atlanta Braves. Definitely the Braves.

FR: How has your preparation been different for Little League World Series as opposed to your role on Kickin It?

MA: It is completely different than Kickin It or any other Disney events. On Kickin It, there’s a script to follow. This is live sports. It’s live, I’m live. I looked at other sports reporters and studied what they do and how they approach each interview.

FR: Your brother Moises is also a Disney star and he had a similar role at the Little League World Series a few years ago. What advice did he give you?

MA: Moises told me to always be prepared for everything. This is live television and it can be difficult at times. One minute you’re doing an interview and the next you may be asked to translate if a player speaks Spanish. You just have to be prepared.

ABC will broadcast the International Championship and United States Championship games this Saturday, Aug. 27, at 12 p.m. ET and 3 p.m., respectively. ABC will then present the World Series Championship this Sunday, Aug. 28, at 3 p.m. For breaking news, results and schedule info, check out the Little League World Series Facebook page.

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