Car Wash: Gronkowski Bros.

Brothers and NFL players Chris, Dan, and Rob Gronkowski

Often car washes are pitched to us, but back in February, I was able to meet New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

I asked him if he would ever consider visiting Bristol and ESPN for a day and he said “absolutely.”

In June, I saw that he was following me on Twitter, so I reached out to him again and asked him if we could do something in July sometime and he agreed.

He asked me to contact his agent, and after working through some logistics, we were able to nail down July 21.

There was just one catch.

Not only was Rob coming, but he was bringing two of his brothers: Chris (who plays for the Dallas Cowboys) and Dan (who plays for the Denver Broncos).

This marks the first time we’ve ever had three brothers, all currently playing in the NFL, come for a Car Wash.

For every Car Wash guest, there is usually something that makes you remember that day.

My favorite was at lunch when they all shared a salad. Yes, they shared one salad.

One said they liked it, so the others had to try it, too.

This day was another day they got to spend together because of the lockout.

They talked about how they were training a lot together, competing against one another and spending quality time together that they usually do not get to do.

The game they played on First Take, about how well do you know your sibling, was an example of how they like to have fun.

They didn’t try to win, they played for the laughs.

I’m looking forward to watching them play this season.

“It was a pleasure going to ESPN with my brothers,” Rob told my Talent Producer colleague Jason Romano in an email.

“They treated us first class and we had a blast going on all the shows. Thanks ESPN For a great experience.”

Maybe one day we will have all five Gronkowski brothers in the studio.

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