• Jordan

    No central michigan university? I have seen it before. why is it not in the video?

  • Jeff

    I love these! Any chance of seeing a University of San Diego Toreros one? I don’t know if it has been made already or not…

  • Ivan

    Seems fun until you sit through the whole thing and realize your Division I football school(s) didn’t make the cut.

  • Geoff

    Love these! Is that all of the schools?

  • TC

    After our Final Four appearance … gotta get Virginia Commonwealth University in there!

  • OnOnUofK

    No University of Kentucky that I saw… Just a travesty and again, shows the ESPN bias of only promoting stuff on UK when it’s a “possible violation”. Figures…

    • Dan Quinn

      Thanks for the notes. The video is a sampling of the logos that have been developed so far. There will be more on these logos coming to Front Row soon.

  • Jason

    UK is on there. Wildcat mascot color with UK blue and white ESPN tag. The tail kicks up some dirt at the end. I like it. Would love to see a UK Go Big Blue foam 1 finger to help identify it some. I love these!!! Playing a game with my son to see how many he can identify. He’s 11 and I bet he knows everyone of them. Go Cats!!!! GO BIG BLUE!!!