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Editor’s note: Pardon The Interruption celebrates its 10th birthday this month. Last week, Front Row brought you highlights from the show’s Oct. 22, 2001 debut and a podcast with producer Matt Kelliher. Monday, we presented a quiz constructed by PTI executive producer Erik Rydholm. After the jump, you’ll see the questions and correct answers; in the video above, hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon celebrated with a very special surprise guest.

The Correct Answers are highlighted in Bold Green Type

True or False, Charles Barkley once appeared in the guest segment while in his barber’s chair getting his head shaved?
True 541 79%
False 121 18%
A: False, Deion Sanders joined PTI from his barber’s chair in Dallas while getting his hair trimmed.
True of False, PTI has aired with one host?
True 201 29%
False 473 69%
A: True, Mike Wilbon hosted by himself and did a three guest interview show featuring Christine Brennan, David Aldridge, and Jay Bilas.
Who was the first guest host?
Bob Ryan 385 56%
Bob Valvano 42 6%
Norman Chad 193 28%
Ralph Wiley 52 8%
True/False: Michael Wilbon hosted a show, in protective sunglasses, the same day he had lasik eye surgery.
True 557 81%
False 111 16%

What phrase does Tony Kornheiser close every show with?
We’re out of time. We’ll try and do better the next time. 644 93%
We’re outta here 22 3%
Have a good one, we’re gone 4 1%

What name does Mike call the viewers at the end of every show?
Friends 5 1%
Nitwits 8 1%
Knuckleheads 658 96%
Which of the following people has appeared as a substitute Stat Boy?
Mike Lupica 123 18%
Greta Van Susteren 19 3%
Charley Steiner 112 16%
Bob Woodward 76 11%
All of the above. 340 49%
Which of these tv personalities has made a cameo on the PTI set?
David Letterman 39 6%
Regis Philbin 475 69%
Jon Stewart 112 16%
Phil Donahue 41 6%
Which of these Halloween costumes has Wilbon NOT dressed up as?
Blackula 84 12%
Mike Tyson (he chickened out, boooo) 305 44%
Kimbo Slice 92 13%
Al, the captain of the Viking boat scandal 191 28%

Who is PTI’s southwest bureau chief?
Kevin Blackistone 103 15%
Richard Justice 273 40%
Troy Aikman 31 4%
Tim Cowlishaw 260 38%
Which of the following C Block games is a fake?
The Dish 89 13%
Food Chain 36 5%
Eggable or Not Eggable? 224 33%
Body Shop 67 10%
Something or Nothing 23 3%
Fair or Foul 22 3%
Match-Up 10 1%
Love Em or Leave Em 19 3%
Square Dance! 162 24%
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