Thanks for your photo captions

Thanks for submitting responses to our call for photo captions of a crew performing maintenance on one of our antennas.

Here are a few of the staff’s favorites:

“Just a little higher Frank. If we can find the Video-out jack on this thing, our break room will have the best reception on campus.” — Scott Nelson

“When they said, ‘It’s your turn to wash the dishes,’ I had NO idea.” — Stephen Yadre

“Easy now big guy…this won’t hurt a bit.” — Ken

“You’re gonna need a bigger brush.” — Rob Morgan

“Talk about climbing the corporate ladder.” — Diane Dillon

“Think we’ll get Sunday Ticket now?” — Andrew Drennen

“No, I’m not kidding. This is what IT said I needed to make my IPad work.” — Randy Kitano

“Top 10 list 10. I told them to get the soap from Costco. 9. Are you sure this is the only smoking area at this company? 8. A-ha! now my iPhone doesn’t drop calls. 7. Ain’t no dish high enough. 6. Well, pay is good and my office has a great view. 5. Fear of heights? Not me, I have fear of weights. 4. I see dead people. 3. And then she says to the counselor, ‘He never does dishes.’ 2. Wouldn’t it be easier to clean it from down there, this dish would be smaller. 1. I learned my lesson, I will never go to the cafe without money again.” — Gopi Burugu

“Ha look an open parking space right there net to DC-2 you owe me a coke.” — Rudy Rojas

“Man! Stealing cable is becoming more and more difficult!” — La’Tisha Thomas

“Guys! There’s an easier way to get ESPN live on your mobile devices, the WatchESPN app!” — Mike C.

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