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Fast Break: Musburger on appearing in ABC sitcom ‘Happy Endings’

ESPN and ABC sportscaster Brent Musburger has made acting cameos in everything from Rocky II to The Waterboy to the animated Cars 2.

Wednesday night at 9:30 ET on ABC, Musburger co-stars on the ABC sitcom Happy Endings.

The show — which airs after comedy powerhouse Modern Family — depicts the lives of six young friends in a big city.

In fact, Endings is like Friends — only funnier.

Musburger is involved in this episode that the show’s official Facebook page describes this way: “Have you ever lied to avoid hanging out with your significant other’s friends? What about getting a hotel room in town for a little staycation to avoid spending time with her sorority sister? Can Brad pull it off. . . ?”

In the interview below, Musburger tells Front Row what working on Endings was like.”

FR: Usually when you make movie cameos you’re asked to be Brent Musburger, sportscaster. After your first scene, did Happy Endings give you a chance to break out of sportscaster mode?

Musberger: It was much more laidback circumstance. We were in a mock hotel sitting at the bar and just chilling out – a nice place to be.

FR: How familiar were you with this sitcom?

Musburger: With my travel schedule, I can’t say I’ve seen all that many shows other than sports so not really familiar with it but I became familiar with it after the two-day shoot.

FR: The Happy Endings cast is known for its improv. How much did you participate in that?

Musburger: Live sports casting is the ultimate improv. They had a general theme so I did a lot of improv for them. They knew a lot about me, so it made it easy for me.

FR: What is that mask you’re wearing in one of the scenes?

Musburger: It was a diving mask, but I don’t want to reveal the plot.

FR: How did you fit this appearance in between your various ESPN/ABC assignments?

Musburger: That was the easy part. I have friends in Los Angeles so I was able to go see some of them. They shot the scene on Monday and my workload gets really busy by Wednesday.

FR: What’s next for you on the acting horizon?

Musburger: Since they’re not doing a Waterboy 2, I’m hoping they make Cars 3 and bring Brent Mustangburger back… I don’t have to wear any make up for that! I’m very upset that Antonio Banderas is getting more publicity for Puss In Boots than I did for Cars 2.

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