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MNF Open: Betty White

"A White Christmas" with Betty White will be the open for the Falcons-Saints MNF contest on Dec. 26.

The season finale of ESPN’s Monday Night Football falls during the holiday so it’s no surprise our production team was dreaming of a “White” Christmas in planning the open for this week’s Falcons-Saints game.

A Betty White Christmas, that is.

The legendary 89-year-old actress (pictured above) who stars in the TVLand sitcom Hot in Cleveland (Wednesday nights, 10 ET/9 CT) and the upcoming NBC show Off Their Rockers is the star of next week’s holiday-themed open, which was shot yesterday in California.

ESPN’s production team was looking to cast a warm grandmotherly type, and White was the perfect choice.

Everyone knows and loves Betty White. Her popularity spans all age groups and demographics — especially in the sports world after her memorable turn in this Super Bowl commercial last year.

Monday’s open highlights the competing NFC South teams and their dueling quarterbacks, Drew Brees and Matt Ryan, not to mention White’s incredible comedic timing.

Tune in Monday at 8:30 p.m. ET to see the open and what should be one of the best games of the MNF season.

p.s. If fans are wondering whether White is a football fan, she is . . . though her favorite sport is golf.

22 thoughts on “MNF Open: Betty White”

  1. I am so so glad ya’ll picked Betty White, she is an icon, I just love all of her work…Go Saints…..


  3. I wish I could see her on the show but I have tickets and will be front and center to watch the Saints beat the Falcons, once again!! Go Saints!!

  4. No worries Sue – Front Row plans on having the opening video for all to see on Tuesday – be sure to check back and thanks for visiting Front Row.

  5. Betty White is a big time Falcons fan. She was seen at the GA Dome a couple of weeks ago wearing Red and Black.

  6. That’s probably the only fault she has………hey, just sayin’…….
    We love dem Saints and they love their fans!

  7. Great way to kick off the show before the Falcons butt whoopin on the Saints, Christmas will come a day late for the Falcons fans… GO FALCONS!

  8. Miss White was dressed igcognito when she wore red and black…I mean she was on the Falcons sideline…SO… Tough luck Falcons… \The SAINTS will go marchin’ in. Who Dat

  9. …Good choice ESPN! Had no idea that Ms.White was a “Falcons” Fan! But it will be a good game! Go Saints!!!

  10. ESPN might just have a majority of “FALCON FANS” who will pull for them. Thanks ESPN for choosing “BETTY WHITE” as your guest for your final MNF game for this season. GOOOOOO FALCONSSSSSSS BEAT SAINTS ‘WHO DAT???!!’

  11. What a great choice. She is such an icon and it will be a real treat to hear what she has to say. I can’t wait!!

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