Sounds like a winner: Bayless’ musical argument that Tebow can’t be beat

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First Take’s Skip Bayless was driving the Tim Tebow bandwagon long before the controversial Denver Broncos’ quarterback situation made the young man a lightning rod for the nation’s sports media.

Heck, Bayless was so early to the party, he actually got the wood and wheels and built the wagon himself.

But even the Tebow-naysayers are now having a hard time arguing with the single fact, as Bayless has always stated it: “Tebow just wins football games” – period.

In the video above, DJ Steve Porter crafts a catchy new mash-up display of Bayless’ ongoing support of Tebow.

Bayless has also garnered some media love this year, having just been named as one of MTV’s Top 50 TV Characters of 2011.

Sometimes Bayless’ points get lost in the highly animated debates that take place on First Take but as MTV notes: “His divisive arguments — most recently his idolatry of Tim Tebow — have garnered the ire of plenty of sports fans, and Skip couldn’t be any happier, especially since he’s right more often than they’d care to admit.”

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