A real page-turner: Story behind Tebow as Marvel Comics sees him

At this point in the NFL season, there’s probably not a single aspect of the Tim Tebow story that hasn’t been explored.

With this in mind, the forward-thinking people at SportsCenter took the storyline to an entirely different venue: the world of super heroes and Marvel Comics. Using some good old-fashioned corporate synergy (Marvel is owned by Disney, the parent company of ESPN), SportsCenter asked the folks at Marvel Custom Solutions to sketch up a few renderings of the NFL’s most talked-about figure.

The artwork, instead of being culled for a comic book, is appearing on SportsCenter and NFL studio programming throughout the weekend. The 1-minute, 44-second piece features a spot-on voice-over from ESPN super friend and NFL Sunday Countdown host Chris Berman.

“As Tim Tebow’s story continued to emerge this season we thought it would be fun to get Marvel’s take on what a Tebow super hero and his fourth-quarter heroics would look like,” Senior Coordinating Producer Tim McHugh said. “Whenever we can, SportsCenter likes to put creative spins on the stories sports fans are talking about and this is another example of that.”

Marvel artists Bong Dazo, Scott Koblish and Todd Nauck created iterations of Tebow incorporating real life (the Tebow snarl) and superhero charcteristics (a fancy utility belt) of “Super Tim.”

“Like the Marvel heroes who pull off last minute victories, Tim Tebow has fans around the world on the edge of their seats and believing that — in our own lives — when time is running out and all looks lost, we can dig deep inside and use our various strengths to triumph over insurmountable odds,” says Bill Rosemann of Marvel Custom Solutions.

Tebow and the Broncos host AFC West rival Kansas City this Sunday at 4:15 p.m. ET. A Broncos win will earn them a spot in the NFL playoffs.


  1. Cmon super TEBOW let’s do it this time and let’s do it right let’s get a win into the playoffs……

  2. My two sons are serving in the U.S. Air Force and I would think that all of those that they are serving with (including my sons) as heroes- not some kid that is good in football-come on get your priorities straight. Also-I just read about how Tebow put up advertisements telling his coach to play him-may I remind there is no “I” in team!

  3. @ P. Donart – Tebow did NOT put up advertisements telling his coaches to play him……….. HIS FANS DID! Get the story straight! Tebow is a TEAM player……. you will NEVER hear him say it’s all about him, watch the video above, he clearly states “I don’t think it’s Tebow time, I just think it’s Bronco’s time.” Get the facts straight before posting next time. 😉 Ps………… A huge TY to your sons for protecting our country.

  4. Shame on you, ESPN. The once highly-regarded sports news network has sold-out and is nothing more than a suck-up factory these days. Newsflash, if it wasn’t for Denver’s Defense, Tebow loses those games. Similar to his days in Florida, he is surrounded by a great supporting cast. Without them, he’s nothing more than a 3rd String “Specialty” QB. This kid has accomplished nothing in the NFL and he is receiving far too much attention. Yes, Tebow is the feel-good story of 2011, but as we saw in weeks 8, 15, 16, & 17, he is actually the weakest link on the team, not the strongest. ESPN LOVES to talk about his 4th quarter heroics? What’s more impressive, Tebow’s lucky comebacks in a few games or Matthew Stafford’s come-from-behind victories in 4 games this season? I’m pretty sure Stafford is the one who broke the NFL record for the most come-from-behind victories, is one of three QB’s to break the 5000 yard passing barrier this season, and is also the youngest to do so after Dan Marino. Not Tim Tebow. And here’s one more thing I don’t get…. If it wasn’t for Tebow’s deeply rooted, and vocalized, religious beliefs, would he even be considered a news-worthy story?

  5. @ Tebow NON-Believer – I can understand that you are upset with ESPN with the hyper coverage of Tebow. Some of your points are well made in reference to Tebow and his supporting cast. The bottom line is that he turned around his team when the other QBs could not. He is not the best passing qb, he is not the best qb to read defenses, but he is a WINNER! No questions asked. There are plenty of superstars who don’t have beliefs that they are willing to put on display, don’t attack him because he does. Matt Stafford and Detroit had a wonderful season, but without Calvin Johnson and his supporting cast on D they would not be in the playoffs either. You don’t have to like Tebow but give him the respect that he has earned, with a playoff win. Write more on why ESPN gives him so much pub and less on what he believes in. Plenty of people been getting plenty of pub who don’t open thier mouths about any beliefs

  6. First off Tim Tebow did not ask for all the attention. He is still the same guy who was playing in college with the ideals and playing style. He is not a milk toast christian, he honestly believes in being good. No one I know refers to him as a hero. He is a good example of what young boys should want to grow up to be. A productive member of society. It doesn’t take drugs or alcohol to make his life good, his life is good. Tim Tebow has never once referred to himself as winning. He always acknowledges it is a Team and uses pronoun WE…. I am confused over the controversy. I think it’s his religion and his openness about it. There isn’t anything wrong with the kid that I can tell. He loves to play ball he loves the game, he has heart for the game and I don’t see anything wrong with that . He has brought his team together the majority of them seem pretty happy with Tim so talk about somebody else. Give the boys ears a rest.


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