Valentine’s Day in Boston

Bobby Valentine on MLB opening night as the Yankees faced the Red Sox.

At today’s marriage, ESPN gives away Sunday Night Baseball‘s Bobby Valentine to the Red Sox and toasts his success.

It has been widely reported that this courtship began in November at a meeting between Valentine and Sox CEO Larry Lucchino in Hartford, Conn.

Why Hartford?

ESPN International sponsored a World Affairs Council forum on “How Baseball Has Gone Global” at The Hartford Club and both suitors were panelists.

Knowing they both would be in attendance, the potential couple privately arranged to meet before the event.

The video below was produced for ESPN’s internal employee website ITK and offers thoughts on baseball’s increasing globalization from Valentine, Lucchino and Russell Wolff, ESPN International Executive Vice President and Managing Director.

Look closely over Bobby V’s shoulder as Lucchino is interviewed (about Valentine) by Associated Press reporter Pat Eaton-Robb, who covered the event.

Happy Valentine’s Day, the gift is in the mail.

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