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Editor’s 2011 picks: Photos from
A Day In the Life 3/30/11, Part 1

Editor’s note: Happy New Year! Front Row is revisiting a few of our most popular posts from our first nine months of existence in 2011 — just in case you missed them the first time.

Nine months ago, ESPN Front Row launched with an ambitious photo project entitled “A Day In The Life.”

The real-time photo publishing effort reflects the work of dozens of employees around the world who captured ESPN at work for a 24-hour period.

In this post, revisit the first 12 hours of March 30, 2011. On Jan. 2, we’ll present the second half of that spring day — and night.

11:14 AM EDT – The London Office

Miranda Groenewegen and Hayley Linstead from the Chiswick ESPN Production office in London.

10:08 AM EDT – Los Angeles, CA – X Games Warehouse

The X Games Warehouse is the year-round staging, shipping and receiving headquarters for Global X Events & Development. Anthony Belenardo and Norman Barajas load a Moto X bike into a crate that will be shipped to Shanghai, China for KIA X Games Asia.

9:12 AM EDT – C-Rich The Dribbler in Green Room

You can see Rich dribble on First Take this morning.

8:36 AM EDT – Hannah Storm

Grabbing a bite to eat as she hustles off to Studio F to host morning SportsCenter.

7:22 AM EDT – HQ

6:01 AM EDT – Mike & Mike in the Morning, Shell Houston Open, TX

5:18 AM EDT – Commentator Office Area

4:06 AM EDT – Window Maintenence

3:03 AM EDT – Master Control

2:09 AM EDT – Labeling HD Clip Reels

Matt M. labels HD Production clip reels

1:01 AM EDT – Bristol, CT

ESPN America now broadcasts their own edition of ESPN’s flagship show SportsCenter to their viewers across Europe and the Middle East.

12:01 AM EDT – Bristol, CT

ESPN Global Security Specialist Arthur F. greets senior manager/multimedia Rich Arden at the Bristol campus’ North Gate.

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