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On Valentine’s Day, these are a few of Colin Cowherd’s favorite things

Little known fact: Colin Cowherd’s nickname is “Cupid.”

Even lesser known fact: The prior fact is a lie.

Still, Cowherd does have a romantic, softer side. What better day than today, Valentine’s Day, for him to share some of the love in his heart.

“With the media often pointing out the bad things happening in sports, we wanted to take advantage of the love in the air on Valentine’s Day and proclaim what The Herd loves about sports,” says Herd producer Vince Kates.

“While some were fun and light-hearted, there was also one close to Colin’s heart — wearing pink for cancer awareness. Colin actually steered us away from using sappy love music behind him because he thought he would get choked up on some of them. So we kept it upbeat and showed that despite the daily criticisms on what’s wrong in sports, there’s plenty that we LOVE!”

Among the things mentioned in the video above, Cowherd includes:

  • Sportswriters who make him laugh.
  • Chris Connelly’s Make A Wish stories that make him cry.
  • Athletes like Tom Brady and Jeremy Lin when they pump their fists — proving, occasionally, they care as much as we do.
  • When athletes/media don’t take things so seriously – it’s just sports, never forget that.
  • Going for it on 4th down.

So, Front Rowers, what is it that you love about sports?

Share with us in the comments below. And of course, Happy Valentine’s Day.

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