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ACC Tournament airs on ESPN Radio with Valvano on the mic for all games

Beginning today at noon, ESPN Radio’s Bobby Valvano will have the same perspective of an ACC men’s basketball tournament that his brother did two decades ago: from the sidelines. While Jim coached N.C. State through the 80’s, including the 1983 NCAA Championship, Bobby will be describing all 11 games in ESPN Radio’s inaugural coverage of the event.

ESPN Radio host/basketball analyst Bob Valvano.

“I know everyone at the network is extremely proud to have every game of the ACC Tournament, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be part of this amazing event, both professionally and personally,” Bob Valvano says.

“Personally, since my late brother Jim had such memorable experiences in this Conference, and specifically this event, I couldn’t be happier to, in some small way, be a part of the event now myself.”

Bobby will share the historic first-ever call for ESPN Radio with play-by play commentators Bill Rosinski (First Round and Quarterfinals night sessions; Semifinals and Final) and Marc Kestecher (First Round and Quarterfinals afternoon sessions. See complete schedule after the jump).

“I imagine doing 11 games sounds like a demanding challenge,” Valvano says, “but as I told [Executive Producer] John Martin, ‘It’s the ACC tournament! I would do the consolation round too, if they had one.’”

Along with his anticipated stamina, Valvano also brings both basketball coaching and analyst experience to the mic.

Besides his “day” job (or more accurately “night” job) hosting ESPN Radio’s weekend overnight V Show, he serves as television and radio analyst for the University of Louisville men’s basketball.

Valvano also coached basketball for 19 seasons, setting all-time single-season win records at Kutztown University, Catholic University and St. Mary’s College, and winning two cup championships in international tournaments as head coach in the professional league in Sweden.

But right now, it’s the tradition of the ACC and the memory of Jim are on Valvano’s mind

“The basketball played in the ACC, its history, and the rivalries, speak for themselves,” he says, while continuing to grow his brother’s legacy by serving on the Board of Directors of the V Foundation for Cancer Research.

ESPN Radio’s 2012 ACC Basketball Tournament Schedule

Round Date Time (ET) New Schedule
First Round Thurs. March 8 12 p.m.


7 p.m.

8. Maryland – 9. Wake Forest

5. N.C. State – 12. Boston College

7. Clemson – 10. Virginia Tech

6. Miami – 11. Georgia Tech
Quarterfinal Fri. March 9 12 p.m.


7 p.m.

1. North Carolina – 8/9 winner

4. Virginia – 5/12 winner

2. Duke – 7/10 winner

3. Florida State – 6/11 winner
Semifinal Sat. March 10 1 p.m.


1 – 8/9 winner vs. 4 – 5/12 winner

2 – 7/10 winner vs. 3 – 6/11 winner
Championship Sun. March 11 1 p.m.
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