Behind The Scenes

Don’t just #Humblebrag with SportsCenter’s #BracketBrag on Facebook

Tonight’s NCAA Tournament games will begin the process of separating the boys from the men.

By the end of the weekend, the 2012 Final Four will be set. Likewise, the SportsCenter Facebook page (with an assist from Tout) will separate the proud fans from the true braggarts.

By visiting the SportsCenter Facebook page, fans of the remaining 16 teams can use social media tool, Tout, to share a brief message on why their school will be the one cutting down the nets in New Orleans on April 2.

By including the hashtag #BracketBrag in the subject of their Tout, fans will be able to battle it out with fellow Touters over who is college basketball’s best team.

Whomever has the Tout with the most “likes” will be deemed the winner. But the real winners will be the fans whose team survives that final game!

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