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Loser of Mike & Mike wager will have to don Dancing with the Stars shoes

Mike Greenberg might be crying over spilt milk, and Mike Golic might be waxing poetic, but ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike in the Morning co-hosts cheerfully announced on-air today at 8 a.m. ET that they’d go through with their Ninth Annual “Sheets of Integrity” NCAA Tournament bracket wager.

While this year’s loser will be forced to keep up with a professional female dancer from ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, their personal March madness has forced the Mikes into sometimes painful — but always embarrassing — pay offs.

“It was the waxing of my legs,” Golic says of losing the 2009 wager, which he considers the worst of his worst make-goods.

“I seriously can’t believe women go through this process, to actually have hair ripped off of your body. It felt like a thousand bee stings. All hair on my body will never be touched again.”

The show’s former longtime producer and current program director Scott Shapiro fondly recalls Greeny’s cow milking experience, a challenge phoned in by native Vermont cow-milker and ESPN MLB insider Buster Olney.

“Our goal was to think as big as possible,” Shapiro says, perhaps referring to the nearly 2,000-pound big Sox the cow who made it into the studio for the 2007 pay off.

“Everyone has always been supportive of what we do — except when the idea was to have Big Mike tazed — then the lawyers stepped in.”

Mike Golic has his body hair waxed during a 2009 episode of Mike and Mike in the Morning

Unfortunately, no one stepped in when it was decided Greenberg would have to do an entire show dressed as Justin Bieber and sing a Bieber song if he lost.

“Bieber was the worst by far,” Greeny says of last year’s pay off (see behind-the-scenes video above).

“I am the worst singer in the world — the wig, the outfit, the purple hi-tops, all that was fun — but the singing was just awful.”

This year’s march to the final dance continues Monday when the Mikes will each be fitted for their possible Dancing costumes prepping for this year’s pay off.

“No matter how they do, they’re going to be embarrassed,” Shapiro says, almost with glee in his voice.

“Greeny will be so nervous leading up to the dance, and once he’s out there, he’ll step on the dancer. He’ll be a mess. But Golic may do better than you’d expect, because of his athleticism.”

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