I Follow: Adnan Virk

ESPNEWS anchor Adnan Virk filled in for Mike Greenberg on Mike and Mike in the Morning.

Editor’s note: I Follow is all about ESPN employees on Twitter: what they tweet, whom they follow and how you can interact socially with anyone and everyone.

Twitter handle: @adnanESPN
Followers: 9,188
Following: 259
(As of 06/13/12)

Adnan Virk, a Canadian-born sports reporter and host, joined ESPN in May 2010 as an anchor for ESPNEWS.

Since then, Virk has not met a studio, set, camera or microphone he doesn’t like. He now regularly anchors the Saturday 1 a.m. ET SportsCenter, and fills in on a plethora of programming (all this week on ESPN Radio and on Wednesday’s 6 p.m. SportsCenter with Jay Harris).

Most recently, the TV anchor is actually getting more television time by doing radio: This week he has subbed for Mike Greenberg (Monday-Tuesday) on Mike & Mike in the Morning, simulcast on ESPN2, and for Scott Van Pelt (Wednesday-Friday and Monday) on The Scott Van Pelt Show (simulcast on ESPNEWS, 1-3 p.m.).

Virk’s ESPN Radio debut was a year ago next Monday when he co-hosted SportsCenter Sunday with Jonathan Coachman on June 18, 2011.

“Jonathan didn’t give me a pile driver after the show, which was a win for all,” Virk says of surviving that show with “The Coach,” a former World Wrestling Entertainment commentator and wrestler.

Virk had some radio experience when he arrived at ESPN, but it took a while to get on the air.

“From the time that I first met with the ESPN Radio bosses [Senior Directors] Scott Masteller and Pete Gianesini, to when I made my first appearance, was actually nine months,” Virk says.

The wait was certainly worth it for Virk, who does more than fill a seat as a fill-in host, opining as if he were a regular through his deep knowledge and easy interaction with his established co-hosts Mike Golic and Ryen Russillo.

“Since Golic is a former [Philadelphia] Eagle and I’m an Eagles fan, we have instant rapport,” Virk says. “The defense he played for in the 90s is one of my favorite units in all of sports. The fact he’s unassuming and is willing to roll wherever is invaluable. Plus, I destroy the daily breakfast on Mike and Mike and he doesn’t pass judgment.”

When did you join Twitter, and why?
I joined Twitter after much heavy resistance but my previous employer [Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment] convinced me it would be a way to build my brand. Since my ultimate goal is world domination, this seemed to be a wise first step.

How often do you interact with fans on Twitter?
I interact as much possible, but after a poorly thought out decision on the Scott Van Pelt Show, while with Ryen Russillo, I announced I would follow anyone who followed me. This led to a barrage of people desperate for followers, and whose thoughts probably wouldn’t gain much traction with even their closest friends. I was then forced to not follow through on my word, which led to significant backlash.

What’s your favorite Twitter moment?
When I gave Steven Bauer props for his performance on Breaking Bad and he responded “Thank You.” Considering my love of Scarface, I was touched that Manny was still alive and so gracious to respond.

Who are the most interesting people to follow on Twitter?
Primarily my co-workers, who allow nothing of their private lives to be shared with me, yet broadcast it to thousands of strangers.

Who’s the most famous person who follows you?
Chuck Knoblauch. I still have no idea why, unless he thinks we once played together.

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