Ice Cube’s takes on ESPN, Gruden, Berman on MNF, fantasy football

Diehard Oakland Raiders fan Ice Cube directed the ESPN 30 for 30 film Straight Outta L.A. that documented how Los Angeles reacted to the franchise’s move there between stints in Oakland, Calif.

Cube’s legendary Los Angeles-based rap group N.W.A. was influential in the Raiders’ growth in popularity around the world.

During his visit with Front Row on our Bristol, Conn. campus on Wednesday, Cube reflected on his favorite 30 for 30 films and other aspects about ESPN.

In the video above, check out what he has to say about former Raiders coach Jon Gruden as an ESPN Monday Night Football analyst; Chris Berman’s impending regular-season debut as an MNF play-by-play announcer on a Chargers-Raiders’ game; his thoughts on ESPN The Magazine Fantasy Football Issue cover subject Arian Foster and much more.

Ice Cube was a guest on First Take, one of his many ESPN Car Wash appearances on Wednesday.
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