Behind The Scenes

ESPN invades Conan for a Thursday night of laughs, tricks and hoops

ESPN makes its own foray into late night TV later this month but on Thursday, a few familiar faces popped up on “Conan” to show their comedic chops.

Early in the show, SportsNation hosts Charissa Thompson and Colin Cowherd made a special appearance in a a comedy skit where Conan and his sidekick Andy Richter take on hopefuls for the 2032 Dream Team. The opposing team was made up of five, shall we say, youngsters.

Charissa Thompson and Colin Cowherd

“It was such a big deal, it even got coverage on ESPN,” said Conan, leading into the, ahem, highlight package hosted by Colin and Charissa.

Said Colin, “[The game] was more than a little disturbing.” Later, he commented that “Conan attacks the tin as well as any late night host.” (Danny Kanell will have something to say about that in three weeks.)

Charissa wrapped up the Team Coco-produced video by saying, “When we come back, we will talk about real sporting events played by real men who actually have self-esteem.”

Later in the show, ESPN X Games competitors Travis Pastrana, Dusty Wygle and Chris Haffey of Nitro Circus performed a stunt that has to be seen to be believed. You can view it below.

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