Tweetback: NFL drama; GameDay to East Lansing; SNL salutes SAS

Front Row knows you have better things to do all weekend than check your social media feeds, so we do it for you.

Here, from the ESPN PR universe, are some of the Tweets, posts and other commentary you may have missed.

You can thank us later!

Before we get to the Tweetback, please check out this Outside the Lines preview clip on Michael Haynes, who was once one of the top 12 basketball prospects in the State of Illinois. Five years after facing Derrick Rose in Chicago’s Public Schools Championship game, he earned a shot to play for a Division I program.

Basketball was supposed to be Haynes’ ticket out of some of the most crime-ridden areas of Chicago’s south side. But, his family said he was left in that environment just a little too long. Mark Schwarz reports on Monday’s OTL (2:30p ET, ESPN2).

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