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Front & Center: E:60 producer
Martin Khodabakhshian

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Tonight’s E:60 (ESPN, 7 p.m. ET) features two stories from multiple Emmy Award-winning producer Martin Khodabakhshian. For those familiar with Khodabakhshian’s work, it comes as no surprise that both pieces — “Hayward’s Hope” and “Remembering Bluffton” — are emotional tales of tragedy and hope.

If Tom Rinaldi is the ESPN reporter most likely to make viewers cry, Khodabakhshian is the network’s producer who will almost always leave folks weeping on their couches from his storytelling. Already in this 11-week E:60 slate of shows, his “Jack’s Heat” feature registered nearly 30,000 “Likes” and more than 700 comments at the SportsCenter Facebook page, many likely typed through watery eyes.

In the “Front & Center” podcast above, Khodabakhshian discusses this week’s E:60 stories; how he gains the trust of his subjects; the artistic aspect of his work and one of the “lighter” pieces he did on the masks of Richard Hamilton, which was nominated for a 2006 Emmy.

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