I Follow: Cari Champion

(L-R) First Take’s Skip Bayless, Cari Champion and Stephen A. Smith. (ESPN)

Editor’s note: I Follow is all about ESPN employees on Twitter: what they tweet, whom they follow and how you can interact socially with anyone and everyone.

Cari Champion joins the First Take debate desk today as the show’s new host, alongside commentators Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. Champion joins ESPN from the Tennis Channel where she was an anchor and a courtside reporter, most recently covering the 2012 U.S. Open.

Front Row caught up with Cari to get her thoughts on the Twitterverse and how she’s looking forward to engaging with First Take’s passionate fan base.

Twitter handle: @CariChampion
Followers: 5,325
Following: 300 (as of 10/01/2012)

When did you join Twitter?
March 2010. I started hearing a lot about what people were tweeting while I was reporting on stories and I knew this was an increasingly popular way people were communicating. I had to get in on the fun.

During your time at the Tennis Channel, did you find that tennis fans were particularly active on Twitter?
Tennis fans are extremely active on Twitter. I imagine that is true across most sports. Tennis players are also engaging their fan base — including the world’s top players. Novak Djokovic is always tweeting! It’s really a great way to stay in touch with your hardcore fans. It’s also a great way to *watch* tennis matches with other fans from all over the world — online with commentary included.

Who are your favorite Twitter accounts to follow?

First Take fans can be pretty passionate and like to join the debates on Twitter. How do you think being a new member of the team will impact your Twitter presence?
Given the level of engagement of First Take viewers, I expect my Twitter following to be more active than ever with messages, comments and suggestions. Since the announcement went out that I’m joining the First Take family — fans already began to ask me about my role and for me to give them the inside scoop on what Skip and Stephen A. are really like.

You use an F. Scott Fitzgerald quote in your Twitter bio. Why did you choose that particular quote?
I was English major with an emphasis in American Literature. Fitzgerald is one of my favorite authors because there’s always a healthy dose of fantasy and reality in everything he writes. That quote inspires me.

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