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Victory tour: New ‘Hall Of Medals’ honors X Games history

For about 18 months, ESPN’s Bristol, Conn. campus has been home to a touch of X Games history in the themed corridor connecting Building 1 with the Digital Center.

Now, employees and guests can actually touch X Games history in the “Hall of Medals,” recently unveiled in Building 1 adjacent to the X Games corridor. Visit here or click on the photos above shot by ESPN Images’ Rich Arden to see larger versions for an even richer experience.

The original X Games corridor brings employees and guests through the history of X Games with video highlight reels, motion-activated speakers and graphic installations. The new Hall of Medals features an X Games medal from each event — domestic and international — as well as photos from the respective events.

X Games event senior manager Lisa Hoyle worked with Creative Services’ Kristen Cook and Alex Zartman as well as the ESPN’s Facilities group to create the hall.

“Probably the coolest thing for passers-by is that the way the medals are displayed in the open,” Hoyle said. “The idea was to not keep them behind glass, but rather to have them hanging freely so people could ‘interact’ with them — even touch them.”

A newly added stop on the Bristol campus tours, the Hall of Medals still has a few open spots for future medals.

With the first X Games event of 2013 kicking off Jan. 24 in Aspen, Colo., those vacant medal spaces will be filled quickly. X Games expands to six events in 2013 with details here and by visiting

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