Behind The Scenes

Watch as a magician performs for Gruden, MNF production crew

Super Bowl-winning head coach turned Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden has seen his share of standout performances.

In fact, having worked half his life in football, you might say he’s seen it all.

Until he met magician James David, that is.

On the way to a MNF game last year, Gruden’s associate producer Rob Adamski met David by chance. Seated next to each other on an airplane, the two struck up a conversation and became fast friends.

A year later, Adamski and David reconnected in Seattle where David offered to put on a private show for the MNF production team. His performance did not disappoint.

The Wisconsin resident and lifelong Packers fan tried out a special magic trick on Gruden. Watch the video above to see Gruden’s reaction.

Video produced by Allie Stoneberg

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