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Front & Center: Comedy director Bryan Gordon on directing 30 for 30 short film, The Arnold Palmer

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You might love drinking an Arnold Palmer (the delicious iced tea/lemonade concoction) on a hot summer day, but do you know how the famous drink got its name?

In the next installment of ESPN Films’ 30 for 30 Shorts series, The Arnold Palmer, Emmy-nominated comedy director Bryan Gordon looks at the history, mystery and industry surrounding one of America’s favorite beverages. The film will debut today on

In this Front & Center podcast, Gordon — a TV and film director and writer known for his work on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Office and Party Down among others — discusses how the idea for the short evolved, what it was like working with golf legend Arnold Palmer and how actor/comedian Will Arnett (seen in the excerpt above) got involved in the project.

“One thing you realize is just how gentle and loving Arnold Palmer is,” Gordon said. “He really led the way for other athletes (as far as endorsements) go. It’s fascinating to see how this drink has become part of (American culture).”

Below, enjoy the classic This Is SportsCenter commercial that features Palmer, his beverage, and SportsCenter anchors Scott Van Pelt and Stuart Scott.

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