Behind The Scenes editor looking forward to learning more about Auburn hero in
30 for 30 film, You Don’t Know Bo

Following Saturday’s Heisman Trophy presentation (8 p.m. ET, ESPN), ESPN Films will conclude the Fall slate of 30 for 30 documentaries at 9 p.m. with You Don’t Know Bo, about sports icon Bo Jackson. The film explores the feats of the former Heisman Trophy winner from his childhood to his early days at Auburn University and through his career as a professional baseball and football star.

ESPN Recruiting Nation associate editor and Auburn alum Alecia Hamm actually does know Bo — or more accurately she knows a lot about Bo.

Front Row caught up with Alecia recently to get her thoughts on Bo and the upcoming documentary.

What is Bo Jackson’s legacy like at Auburn?
Bo is just an absolutely incredible athlete. To give an idea of who he is to the Auburn faithful, in 2010, when Cam Newton was in the middle of his Heisman Trophy campaign, I remember watching an SEC game in the student section when Bo walked onto the sideline, everyone stopped watching the game and started saying “Look, there’s Bo. Bo Jackson is standing over there!”

Last year, you wrote this article “Bo Jackson ready for Alabama charity ride” for What did you learn about him that you didn’t already know?
The great thing about getting to write that article for’s Playbook was that it hit so close to home for me. Not only did I get to interview a man who I considered a hero in all of sport, but the piece was about his bike ride to raise money for tornado victims in Alabama.

One of my favorite things Bo told me when we were chatting was after I rattled off some of the more mythical rumors of Bo’s strength and athletic prowess is he looked at me and said with a smirk, “You know, if they said it about me, it is probably true.”

What are your thoughts on there being a documentary about Bo?
I am so excited about it. When last year’s 30 For 30 Roll Tide/War Eagle came out. I heard Auburn people say they wished the documentary would have focused more on the great athletes like Bo. I am really pumped for people to see what Bo had to overcome to get where he is today. He has been such a legend for such a long time that it will be awesome to hear the real story from the source again.

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